CNC Router Standard

Eliminate the need of outsourcing !

Photo de Router CNC 24x16

CNC Router 24×16

$9 800 CAD

Photo de Router CNC 2x3

CNC Router 24×36

$14 500 CAD

Photo de Router CNC 4x4

CNC Router 48×48

$20 500 CAD

Photo de Router CNC 4x8

CNC Router 48×96

$29 000 CAD

Photo de Router CNC 60x120

CNC Router 60×120

$34 000 CAD

Photo de Router CNC 60x144

CNC Router 60×144

$40 500 CAD

Photo de Router CNC 60x168

CNC Router 60×168

$45 000 CAD

Photo de Router CNC 60x192

CNC Router 60×192

 $50 000 CAD

8 high-performance

  • Manufactured and programmed in Canada
  • Best warranty in the industry
  • Phone support services
  • 2 years warranty
  • Training

that will propel your business

Our standard series is very economical but just as efficient and reliable as some more expensive machines.

Whatever your type of industry: cabinet maker, kitchen cabinet maker or sign maker. Whether it’s for an SME or for industrial use, to cut or manufacture aluminum, plastic, acrylic, wood, melamine, plywood, Russian plywood, and many others. We have the solution to help you become more productive.

Standard CNC tables have the advantage of being very modular, which allows them to be adapted to your very specific needs.

Whether you need a vacuum table without a tool changer or simply need a zero probe or a tool cooler, all options are interchangeable, and the machines are manufactured according to your needs.

Funding available